How Old Are You In Technology Years?

My mom has recently returned from a trip around the east coast of Canada. To keep in touch she had her cellphone and iPad, both of which she struggles to use on a daily basis. Before she left I gave her a lesson on how to connect to wifi in places other than her house. She took notes in a paper notebook.  I kept patient when she asked if she could still check her email if she wasn’t at home.

Not only is my mom not of the computer era, she’s never been machine savvy. Growing up I lived with a post-it on the microwave and it is still my job to regularly set the clock in her car, on the stove and the DVD player.

It makes me think about how far technology has come and may go in the future. I wonder if I will be able to keep up or will I show my age by being out of the techno-loop? I have already had moments. It was only recently that I had to ask my students to explain hashtags and the difference between Tumblr and Pinterest.

The Internet wasn’t around when I was growing up. I only got a computer when I was in grade twelve and the Internet was in its infancy when I was in university. My hope is that technology won’t contribute to how old I come across (this blog about my age excluded).

My mom, sadly, is nine-hundred-years-old in technology terms but she did mange to send me a few emails which she is quite proud of. I won’t tell her that auto-correct made for some funny errors like, “Canyon water my plants” (read: Can you water my plants).

Nowadays we have to be hip to new technology to keep the appearance of youth.  So how can we keep up?  Where do teenagers get their information on the newest things? My students say it’s from other teenagers – people they know, and also blogs!  A great reason to keep reading – my blog and others will keep you young and in the know about technology.  Now go and Google the difference between Tumblr and Pinterest!

I’d love to hear your age-related technology stories. Please leave a comment or email me about it!

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